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Directed Donor Program
We offer this program to patients interested in using a donor known to them. A sperm donor who is known to the recipient but is not a sexually intimate partner is referred to as a “Directed Donor” and requires a similar screening process to that required of an anonymous donor.

The screening process takes approximately 6-8 months during which time your donor will complete the following steps:

Consultation, Semen Analysis and Test Freeze:
A staff member will conduct a consultation with the directed donor and the recipient to discuss the entire process. A complete medical history will be taken and a semen analysis and test freeze (helps to assess the survival rate of sperm after the freezing process) is performed to assess the donor's specimen quality.

Physical Exam:
The Directed Donor will be asked to complete a physical examination performed by one of our physicians. Our medical director will review the medical history and determine all testing required. Initial Blood Test and 1st Retained Semen Specimen: The initial blood draw for general health and infectious disease testing will be performed on the same day the donor collects his first retained semen specimen. The testing cannot be omitted or waived. A semen analysis analysis is performed on each retained semen specimen.

Genetic Evaluation:
The donor's family and medical history will be reviewed and genetic testing will be discussed with the donor. After a review of medical/genetic history the genetic counsellor will decide if any additional testing is required.

Psychological Evaluation:
The psychological evaluation is performed by our clinical psychologist. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess, as best as possible, the directed donor’s current mental status. Many potential issues are addressed, for example; the reasons and motivation of the donor, family history, sexual history and possible future infertility. In addition the donors are counselled regarding the potential psychological impact of being the genetic parent to a known child and their role in the child’s life.

Additional Specimen Collection(s): The donor may collect additional semen specimens by appointment as recommended by the referring physician. The number of collections may vary and depends on the quality of the sample and plan of treatment for recipient.

Quarantine Period:
The standard quarantine period for semen specimens is six months. The recipient's referring physician may request a quarantine period of less than six months by advising the recipient of risks and requesting a waiver.

Final Blood Draw/Review:
Following the quarantine period, the donor must complete a final blood draw in order to release the specimens. The recipient will be given an approximate date for specimen release at that time, however, we cannot guarantee that the specimens will be released on a specific date or become available at all. Once all the test results have been received and reviewed by the medical director the samples will become available. We are responsible for all phases of testing, processing, storage and distribution of sperm samples from directed donors. Please note that if the Medical Director does not approve the donor due to issues such as positive test results, the vials may not be able to be released.

Specimen Retrieval:
A staff member will contact the recipient when the samples become available for release. The samples can either be picked up by the recipient or designated person at Repro Lab, shipped out in our dry shippers via FedEx or delivered by our courier(Manhattan only). Please contact us at least two business days prior to when you need the samples.You may also continue to store any remaining vials at our facility for future use. To arrange an initial consultation or for more information, please contact us at 212-779-3988.

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