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Donor Information


The donor list provides basic information and characteristics for each donor. Donor lists are updated quarterly. You may print the list or view online on our website. We cannot guarantee donor availability so we encourage you to make at least 3 selections before you place your order.


A short profile is two pages long providing personal and demographic information, family medical history and the results of genetic screening tests performed on the donor. All short profiles are available on our website free of charge.


A long profile is 20 or more pages in length and provides a detailed three generation medical and genetic history, the donors personal information such as physical attributes, favorite music, favorite color, SAT scores, hobbies, etc. This long profile is the original document the donor completed in his handwriting. The long profiles can be purchased by calling our office. We strongly encourage reviewing the long profile before making your final donor choice.


Donor personal essays are an opportunity to experience a more introspective side of a donor. Get to know "who" the donor is beyond his medical records and statistics. He describes his personality, likes and dislikes, traits, family members and achievements. Donor essays are available for most of our donors. The essays are presented in a question and answer format. Donor Essays vary in length and are available at no charge to clients. The essay is part of the long profile.


Donor matching is to help with the selection process. This optional program involves matching a photograph of the client, husband, family member or other individual to donor photographs.


Repro Lab now offers baby photos for many of our donors. The photographs feature donors from 3 months to 12 years of age. Please note that the quality of the baby photos varies depending on the originals supplied by the donor. Some baby photos are in color and some are black and white. Most donors will have a series of 2-3 different photos available; some may have only one or possibly no photo at all. Childhood photos are available for individual purchase. Photos are printed in 4x6 and 5x7. Contact us by phone at 212-779-3988 or by Email for more information.


The donors who participate in this program are donors who, after consulting with our psychologist, have agreed to become known to the offspring in the future. We must have a documented pregnancy and birth report on record. The offspring must be at least 18 years old when they make their request. The child must contact us in writing. After we have confirmed the information we will contact the donor and he will establish method of contact.

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