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Embryo Storage Services
Our embryo storage facility is now available. Patients transfer their embryos to facilities other than where they had their procedure performed for many reasons including long-term storage, liability issues and space limitations at another location. Upon your request, we will transport your embryos to our facility for storage.

Transferring Embryos
  1. Contact the facility where your embryo’s are currently stored to advise them that you will be transporting your embryos to our Tissue Bank.
  2. Call Repro Lab to register and complete all consent forms, and storage agreements necessary for the transfer.
  3. Repro Lab will need all of your medical records including blood testing results for both your spouse or donor if one was used in the creation of your embryo’s Written authorization must be given to your physician prior to the storage agreements necessary for the transfer.
  4. Transport of embryos will be performed by our laboratory personnel. Our tanks are specially designed to safely transport your embryos. You may witness the pick-up after special arrangements have been made.
All storage fees must be prepaid before transport of your embryos. The fees include annual storage fees and a fee for transporting your embryos from your physician’s office or other facility to Repro Lab. We accept all major credits cards as well as personal checks.

Maintaining your Frozen Embryos
Our Facility adheres to all professional guidelines and licensing requirements that dictate acceptable storage conditions and tissue banking practices. We recognize that the owners of the embryos have the greatest interest in making decisions about the dispositions of the embryos and will respect your wishes. Our organization is guided by several fundamental values and considerations shared by all of our staff members, including the interest of the patient in obtaining quality services, the special status of the human embryo, and our professional and ethical responsibilities. Our task is to provide a safe storage facility for your embryos.

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