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Repro lab now offers long-term storage of frozen Oocytes (eggs). We are pleased to offer this new service, providing additional reproductive options for our clients.

Oocyte freezing is the preservation of mature eggs following hormone stimulation and their retrieval. These oocytes (eggs) are cryopreserved and stored to achieve pregnancy at a later time. It is currently offered to women who are interested in preserving their fertility or delaying pregnancy electively, or for those women with a diagnosis at risk of losing their egg reserve and the potential to have a child due to surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

We Provide:
  • A state-of-the-art storage facility.

  • A secure area for oocyte storage tanks. Access is limited to authorized personnel required to maintain storage tanks.

  • Extensive internal and external security systems that include a secured entrance system, closed-circuit cameras, and 24-hour security response service.

  • Qualified personnel to monitor the liquid nitrogen levels daily of each storage tank.

  • Specialized storage department staff overseeing frozen oocyte storage and working with each client and their medical facility.

  • Complete records of storage and activity related to all frozen oocytes.

Repro lab does not perform the procedures required to complete an egg retrieval and is only a long-term storage facility. Upon request, we can provide you with a list of fertility centers in your area which offer these services.

How It Works:

Your physician will harvest, freeze, and ship your oocytes to our facility for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen. Once they arrive, your oocytes will be kept secure in our tanks until you are ready to retrieve them for use.

To arrange for a transfer:

  1. Register with us

  2. Sign a storage agreement

  3. Authorize the transfer with us and the retrieval site

*To arrange for a transfer or for more information, please contact us at: 212-779-3988. All of the local transfers are handled by our courier.

332 East 30th Street, New York NY 10016
Phone (212) 779-3988   Fax (212) 779-3907