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Tank Rentals
Portable Cryogenic tanks are available for rental from our facility. These tanks are specially designed to maintain adequate temperatures for cryopreserved reproductive tissue.

You may securely transport embryos, oocytes (eggs), sperm and testicular tissue with the use of these tanks. These tanks will maintain adequate temperatures for up to seven days.

Our technical experts will provide you with detailed instruction on the safe handling of the tank.

Portable Cryogenic Tanks:

May be used to transport tissue specimens from:
  • IVF centers to our facility for continued storage;

  • Tissue bank to IVF center;

  • Tissue bank to medical practice or hospital;

  • Tissue bank to home;

  • IVF center to another IVF center

  • These transport tanks can be used for national and international shipments.

To arrange tank rental simply:
  • Contact us with 24 hours notice.

  • Register with us.

  • Sign a tank rental agreement.

332 East 30th Street, New York NY 10016
Phone (212) 779-3988   Fax (212) 779-3907