Become a Donor

Donating is a voluntary and caring act.  

Infertility is a condition which makes it difficult or impossible for people to start their own family. We provide  life changing options to men and women who want to be parents.

With your participation in our donor program you can help these families and individuals realize their dreams.

Donor Benefits:

  • Help thousands of families and individuals fulfill their dreams. 
  • Learn your health status at no cost . 
  • Receive discounts on certain laboratory services .
  • Earn rewards for program compliance: you can earn up to $ 1300.00 per month by providing 3 donations per week.

Program Requirements:

  • Be in good health.
  • Be 18-28 years old.
  • Be a university student, graduate student, or college graduate.
  • Be able to travel to NYC regularly. 
  • Have had exclusively female sexual partners.*
  • For Rewards Program: one must participate consecutively for a minimum of 6 months.

* Requirements of exclusively heterosexual partners for anonymous donors are a Federal and NY State requirement. These laws are not reflective of the sensibilities nor opinions of Repro Lab or its staff.

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Our program coordinator will guide you through each step of the program.


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